Get Email Alerts from Google Analytics

Consider this Google Analytics Reports on crack. With this script, you can get an email when any of your websites drop in visit or page view counts (or anything else you want).

This plugin uses the Google Analytics API to send you reports conditionally, and is highly extensible, allowing you to pick and choose the stats you want to email based on, the threshold to notify you at, and which stats you want to send. Best of all, it accepts a list of websites within your account to check, such that you can be managing hundreds of sites, and only receive reports for the ones that need your attention.

Obviously, a notification of a significant decline in web stats could indicate a site being down, hacked, or busted in the search results. Ready to get it? You can download the Critical Alerts script here. Want help implementing it? Watch the video below for a blow-by-blow.

After watching the video, be sure to Subscribe to my RSS Feed, as I’ll be releasing more complex and elegant reports based on this script.

Also, in case it’s unclear in the Script (or if you want to copy paste it), the cron job to run is:
php ~/public_html/analytics/alert.php

Finally, a Special Thanks to:

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  • That is a very big help actually. It is nice that you share it because that will surely help them to have a very good background in Google Analytic. We can now use it more accurate.

  • Cheapshoes-shop

    Is there an actual document that can be used for reference

  • Grissyboy

    Is there an actual document that can be used for reference. I for one do not like viewing online video's, taking notes, not getting it, watching again, taking notes, oops, wrote that down wrong. Yes, an actual document would be nice

  • Jirapong Kimhun

    Thank You.

  • This will come in handy for modification to send an email alert on successful conversion for Xbox 360 repair orders.

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