Latent Motion, while specializing in user-interface development, offers a number of related services. They are: Boston Web Design, Boston Web Programming, and Boston Web Marketing.

Rates for senior-level work provided by founder Brett Barros start at $120/hr. If you are operating on a tighter budget, his top-tier outsourced staff begin at the low price of $60/hr. All rates are negotiable on projects over 40 hours, and all work completed is thoroughly reviewed locally and guaranteed to be of the highest caliber.

Web Design

Beginning with Princeton Pro Musica in 2001, Barros has over 8 years of experience designing commercial web pages. Although one company’s aesthetics will invariable differ from another’s, good design can be clearly quantified and evaluated by the amount of business it generates. Many actions are measurable, including: calling, emailing, filling out a form, or buying a product. Increasing these conversions is the specialty of a user interface designer, not an artist, and the difference is made abundantly clear every time you visit a website with tiny fonts, unclear graphical links, time-wasting intro sequences, or obnoxious sound effects.

When we design your website, we won’t only improve your brand, we’ll gain you customers.

Web Programming

Using modern front-end programming technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript’s framework jQuery, Barros adds a smooth interactivity to an already polished design. By integrating purposeful animations that provide visual feedback for the user’s actions, technology can genuinely recede into the background, while the information (and pitch) can be properly foregrounded.

But what’s a pitch if no one can hear it? The second, and quite possibly most important job of a good web programmer is to ensure that the website works in all browsers, on mobile phones and computers, and loads within a reasonable amount of time across the widely varying web speeds.¬†Depending on your audience, neglecting to consider a computer configured eight years ago could cost you upward of 15% of your business. Rest assured, we won’t make that mistake.

Web Marketing

By configuring the technical aspects of web pages for maximized search engine rankings, Barros is an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in the truest and most original sense. But for many websites, especially newly created ones, this reconfiguration isn’t nearly enough. As all SEOs know, the most important and fundamental task to improve search rankings ¬†is persuading others to link to your website. We will create a strategy for you to succeed in this endeavor, and if given ample time (minimum 100 hrs), we can accomplish it for you ourselves.

Most businesses prefer to start with the more short term solution of pay-per-click advertising. We recommend it, as it sets a baseline for success and conversion value. As such, Barros has taken the time and test to become a Google Adwords Certified Individual.

If you’re interested in learning more or hiring Barros for a consultation, email

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