Declaration of a Blog Author

Over the past several years, I’ve scoured the web for information on best practices, tricks, and inspiration, as they apply to web design (etc). Up to date, I have taken much, and reciprocated very little. With this blog, I intend to change that.

I hereby declare that this blog will have:

  • Javascript plugins and scripts that I write for work and fun.
  • WordPress templates, Fireworks layouts, and design scraps which would otherwise only gather dust.
  • CSS3 tricks and commonly used combination effects, which will hopefully help you take your design to the next level.
  • User Interface / Experience theory and principles, namely in the form of challenges I face in my projects, and the conclusions I come to as a result.
  • HTML5 discoveries, as soon as I sink my teeth into it.
  • And any other information that I think will be useful to you, a web designer, programmer, or marketer.

This website will have a minimum of:

  • Posts about my personal life.
  • Regurgitation of information elsewhere (unless it is nearly impossible to find, or I have a significant improvement / contribution to make to it).
  • Posts about Boston, Chess, Politics, or anything else that matters to me, but probably doesn’t matter to you.

I hope you enjoy what is soon to come. If you want to encourage me, don’t hesitate to post in the comments and chip in with your own thoughts. If you’re too shy, it’s all good, it has taken me quite a while to become a voice on the web too.