The Best Viral Marketing Text Citation (jQuery / WordPress) Plugin

Everyone’s seen social bookmarks, and yeah, they’re great. But even with them, your visitor has to specifically seek out promoting you. On the other hand, when you highlight and copy text from, it will automatically embed the URL.

Holy crap that’s cool!

Naturally, I wanted to do it too. But soon after beginning, I realized that there was still so much more to do. What is it that people wanted to do with the copied text? If the selection is long, perhaps it’s email or twitter. If it’s short (like a name or place), I’d bet it’s a search. My plugin takes Politico’s brilliant idea and gives it what Barry Bonds got.

To see the script in action, try highlighting any text on this page. For email or copy/paste credit, select 40+ characters of text. For specific search-worthy examples, try:

  • Wiki: Machiavelli
  • Google: World Trade Center, NY
  • Facts (Wolfram): Hamburgers
  • Amazon: 1984 by George Orwell
  • Ebay: XBOX 360

For more information about this plugin, visit the official Search and Share page. If you like it, I’d really appreciate you bumping me up on the social network of your choice. Thanks for the love!

PS: In case you missed the links the first time around, you can download the standalone jQuery version here, and you can download the wordpress version here.

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  • Wordpress plugins are mainly used to design blog system in website. This text citation plugin is helpful for developers.

  • I loved this article!!! Appreciation!

  • MDB

    In that last post it is probably not clear I meant an https link to jQuery 1.6.0  (3.1.3) 

  • MDB

    Fantastic plug-in. I discovered it whilst looking for something that would do the same with the new social search share/send type buttons (Facebook etc.), and insert the selected text as the default text for the post (although I am not sure they allow you to pass the text as a parameter yet).  

    It is very smooth.If you are still keeping it updated then, unfortunately, I note that some of the other plug-ins I am using include this version of jQuery and this breaks Search and Sharehttps://ajax.googleapis.c...

    and so I cannot use it at the moment.

  • I think this is a great idea; I stumbled here while looking for a plugin that will actually put a permalink for the post at the bottom for visitors to easily copy and then paste wherever they want.
    But I think your plugin rocks for serious because there is not much work involve with both the writer and the visitor to share the link.

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